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This is in response to the comment that bayezid left me- THANK YOU SO MUCH- I do love this website and am looking forward to cruising around it. Alhumdullilah!!

salaam habibee. i think u need to check this website out...www.ahmedbaki.com...its a sufism nd science webpage. i believe ull love it.
check out the book there called Muhammad(pbuh)'s ALLAAH. its eye opening.
i just want everyone to know abt it u know.... since the crisis that presents itself today is the failure to grsp the concept of ALLAAH. ppl know not...and i mean..not... of what this word means. religion is hardly the issue...first ppl gotta understand ALLAAH. i mean....have a directio........inted of clinging to mythical stories of an 'old wise ruler' high in the heavens....u know.

Salaam- sorry I haven't posted in a long time...you know how it is when I get busy with school and all...I will be posting regularly again around Christmas Break, inshallah....someone left me this funny little comment somewhere, and I wanted to share it, since I couldn't find it....

Anonymous says: "maybe you should abide by the laws of the land and you won't be presecuted. or maybe preaching faith onto others is not reconmmended. Quite using religion as a weapon"


I think it is very good advice, well noted...I think other religions should quite using religion as a weapon too....but I am not going to name names or point fingers....

الاثنين، رمضان ١٤، ١٤٢٦

Salaam! Someone left this post on my blog, so I was going to address it accordingly~

as salaamu alaikum habibee. let me just say that your blogger is a favour done to all of us. thank you verrryyy much. not to mention how informative it is and the oodles of great sayings it contains. im writing to you because there is no other legitimate way i can reach the person called a blamed soul. i am sure that you are aware of the fact that there isnt anything called a niqaab. theres the hijab and the jilbab. plus, the niqaab is a persian word borrowed by muslims used to describe a dress that the muslims found favourable during the ummayad khaliphate due to the presence of certain powerful ppl who were abusing women. the muslims conquered persi at that time and they came across stuff like the burqaa, the niqaab and purdah. actually these terms are alien to arabs and the quranic sayings. so i coudnt fully understand what the blamed soul meant wen she said somehting abt a full niqaabi state. i mean come on, dressing decently and modestly is common sense and it is the duty of all civilised ppl. thats all ALLAH actually wants. as long as the job is done according to the quran isnt it ridiculous to blindly think that covering up like some mummy head to toe is a muslim thing? not to mention the bad pi ratings muslims are getting all over the place. if things go to extremes those things eventually turn out to be unfavourable. so i believe muslim women should dress smart and decent just as the al quran says it instead of blindly adhering to fossilised concepts of niqaab.

Hello!! Asalaam Alaikum! First off, I have to be honest with you~ I had no idea that there wasn't a term called Niqab. We (my girlfriends and I) have always referred to it as niqab (you know, the full covering with only the eyes showing) and I really had not idea about the history behind it. Thank you so much for your wonderful input into the history, and may Allah Ta'allah be pleased with you that you have shared it with me. I was aware that the Holy Qur'an does not mention the terms Burqa, Niqab or Purda~ and I sort of guessed that they were introduced at a later time. I do believe that on some level, covering is a woman's personal decision, and that no one can tell her what to cover or not cover. I also happen to know that the Qur'an does not mention hijab in the way that many Muslims have interpreted it. Hijab simply means
"curtain" and it implies that a woman should shield herself from strange men and others, and I believe that all passages in the Qur'an regarding hijab and women's seclusion and modesty are very vague, and thus require a certain level of interpretation, which often leads us to the trouble we are in now- too many people have too many interpretations and that leads to discourse and also splitting factions. Thus many people look to culture, rather than religion, when they choose to cover. You will notice that most often a woman covers in the popular style that her particular culture has adopted. Although I cover, I hold a rather radical view on the issue (at least, most ultra conservative Musims would call it radical)- I don't believe that it is required by the Qur'an and I believe that the Qur'an is simply telling us to not be flashy or draw attention to ourselves (men either, not just women) and that we should be humble- not just because of possible sexual connotations, but also because humbleness is a main character trait of a good Muslim- and when you are truly humble and put wordly things behind you, you can better focus on Allah and the true beauty of religion. As Sufi's would say, you would be drawing the veil of this world from you eyes to better behold the beloved (Allah). So, I think that is really what the Qur'an is trying to tell us- it's not just about covering the body- it's about a "hijab" state of mind, as I like to say. Be modest in action as well as dress. Now, by saying be modest in dress, I am not suggesting cover every inch of your body. I am suggesting that you cover whatever amount that YOU wish to cover-And women should look deep into their souls at the REAL reason that they choose to wear what they wear. If they are wearing something in order to look beautiful than why are they trying to look beautiful? Is it because of a need to draw the attention of the opposite sex or to draw attention by anyone?? If that is the case, than one must re-evaluate WHY they are doing what they are doing and decide- is the attention I am craving going to satisfy me or am I just going to want more...is it going to make me vain and fall in love with myself?? Because if you becomoe obsessed with your looks, it is like you are worshipping yourself, and you begin to lose focus on worshipping Allah. But if you are just dressing to look smart and successful and to give you confidence, and you can still keep your faith in Allah and you have no bad intentions in your heart, than I think a woman can dress as she likes. Only Allah knows what is in our HEARTS and what our TRUE intentions are- I have known MANY women that wear hijab and think they are better than those who do not, but I have seen many non-hijabi Muslimah's who are (in my opinion- but only Allah knows) better in character than some of the hijabi's I know- Maybe I am babbling and there isn't much structure to my response, but that is my opinion on everything-

الثلاثاء، رمضان ٠٨، ١٤٢٦

Salaam- I have some shocking news. I am getting a divorce. Yup. It's been a pretty rough semester for me, and I have been really emotional...so there you have it. I just wanted to give a little update...

الأحد، شعبان ١٤، ١٤٢٦

Salaam!! Someone left a comment on my blog as 'Anonymous' and although I cannot find it, I am going to respond to it here:

I am uncertain what the comment meant, but the way I took it (and I could be totally wrong) is that whoever left it assumed that I thought someone was 'sad' becuase she had to cover, which WAS NOT THE CASE!! Why would I think that, when I myself cover? That is totally crazy!!! So this is just to make whomever realize that I indeed did not mean whatever it was you thought I meant...or whatever. I am a hijabi...I do not think that hijabi's are oppressed!! Far, far, far from it, my friend. Ok, Khoda Hafez- Habibee

الخميس، شعبان ٠٤، ١٤٢٦

Salaam Alaikum!!!

I had a little scare today. My laptop crashed and then I thought I had lost everything....and I called Dell and talked to the tech support and they said I would have to pay $100 just for them to WALK ME THROUGH FIXING IT MYSELF....so I called my husband at work crying (yeah, I am not too proud of that...so let's keep that on the down low) and then he had his friend take a look at it and ALL IS WELL, ALHUMDULLILAH!!! I could have kissed him- but I didn't because I am a good Muslim, hehehehehehe....anyways, I am disturbed that I am attached to such a peice of machinery. But it really pays to be a college student, because than you have easy access to people that are able to fix computers for a measly sum (hey, I'm not rich, ok!) I am so relieved, Alhumdullilah!!!!

Update: School is on going, and I am drowning in my studies/work....I don't even have time to think....

الثلاثاء، رجب ٢٥، ١٤٢٦

Salaam!!! I am watching a documentary about this Jewish family that returns to Poland to meet the family that hid their grandfather during WWII. Very interesting and touching. I was amazed when one of the women said, "We have a saying in Hebrew~ when you save one person, you save the whole world." WE HAVE THIS SAME SAYING!!!!!! I was so shocked when I heard her say it, because we have an exact saying (from the Qur'an) that says "When you save one person, you save all of mankind, and when you kill one person, you've killed all of mankind." Veeeeeerrrrry Interrrreesting.

School is up and going again, and I am SO BUSY that I don't have time for ANYTHING!!! I have to work eight hours a day, and then go to school for three hours at night, and then I have to catch up on reading (200 pages a week at least!!!) AND I am trying to catch up on my studies regarding Fiqh and Shar'ia Law as well as my knowledge of Bukhari Hadith- all the while studying my Bengali Grammar so that I can take a test and get credits for it in University. Also, I am in the Executive Committee at my Masjid and I have to go to weekly meetings...and I am in an Interfaith Youth Group. Hai Allah!! I am SOOO BUSY!!! I have never been so busy in my life. I don't even have time to think, let alone get 8 hours of sleep a night. So if it takes me a long time before I get to posting stuff...please forgive me.

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